Why You Must Clean Your Chimney

Woman near Fireplace

A fireplace is a beautiful and sought-after home accessory. What few people realize, however, is that it is incredibly important to keep the chimney clean. Not cleaning your chimney could endanger the lives of anyone in your property. Let’s take a look at why this is such a vital issue.

Unclean chimneys lead to back drafts of smoke. When you light your fire, check whether any smoke is coming out of the chimney. If any smoke does come back out, you must ask for your chimney to be cleaned. Smoke means a lot of creosote has started to build up inside. It is very common for wood burning fireplaces to suddenly have decreased ventilation because of this. You may also notice a smell of smoke, further indication that the chimney needs cleaning. People can have respiratory problems if they stay in smoky environments. Additionally, the small will stay in anything fabric for weeks, and there will be residue everywhere. It is equally possible that there is a more significant problem going on, including a poorly constructed chimney. Don’t clean your chimney yourself, therefore, but get a professional involved who can tell whether there is a serious issue.

The next reason as to why you should have your chimney cleaned regularly is because it is a fire hazard not to do so. In fact, it is probably the biggest fire hazard possible in a home. Every time you burn a fire, creosote starts to build up in your chimney. Creosote is created by hydrocarbon remains, which are the leftovers of any solid fuel that hasn’t completely combusted. Because creosote is so flammable, a huge number of house fires are started by it every year. If you regularly clean your chimney, you don’t have to worry about your fireplace effectively becoming a death trap either.

Schedule a yearly chimney clean as a rule of thumb. However, if your fireplace burns wood, you may need more frequent chimney cleans. Ideally, you will have it cleaned before winter, when you start to use your chimney, and after, when you have finished using it. Make sure that your chimney inspector and chimney cleaner is certified and licensed as well. They should have received their license and certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America. This guarantees that they are professional, know what they are doing, and are capable of finding problems and rectifying them in your chimney. Regular cleaning and maintenance by professionals likeĀ Rooftop Chimney And Roof Services ensures your chimney’s integrity and the health and safety of your property and its residents.